Environmental, Health and Safety:

US Salt is located in Upstate New York and has been producing granulated salt for over 125 years. Here at US Salt, we produce several different forms of salt that can be utilized in a wide variety of industries. It is our goal to produce a safe and high-quality product while continuing to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and contractors. Along with this, we recognize our need to ensure the highest level of environmental stewardship.  Based on these responsibilities and goals we continue to look for ways to improve upon our commitment to Environmental, Health, and Safety.

Safety and Health:

At US Salt we feel that safety is not only a requirement but a duty of the company and everyone who works within it.  That is why it is our goal to ensure every employee and contractor goes home safe every day. In order to achieve this, we continue to develop our robust safety programs to help develop a culture that promotes safety across all levels of the company. It is our mission to not only maintain a safe and healthy work environment but to also become an industry leader in safety.


  • Maintain a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) below industry rates
  • Actively engage employees in safety initiatives within each department
  • Produce a workplace with zero (0) lost time accidents
  • Zero (0) recordable contractor injuries on site


It is our goal and responsibility at US Salt to ensure the local environment is taken care of and is not affected by our operations. This is why we have taken numerous measures as to ensure our process is performed in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.  These measures have been implemented into the day-to-day operations as well as future projects and initiatives.


  • Continuously seek to improve our environmental performance
  • Promote environmental awareness and responsibility among our employees
  • Exceed all required industry performance standards while at the same time being cognizant of how we can reduce our operational footprint


We at US Salt have recognized over the past years the need to ensure sustainability within our process. Based on this efforts have begun to research and implement initiatives to help ensure sustainability throughout the organization.