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All products in our portfolio are available for private labeling.

As with any food-based commodity, price changes on market fluctuations.  Based on this, we do not sell product from our website.  Please contact our sales team for pricing.

To learn which products are Kosher Certified, navigate to the product of interest.  Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the PDF document labeled “Kosher Certification.”

At Watkins Glen, evaporated granulated salt is manufactured by the multiple-effect vacuum pan method.  A vacuum reduces the amount of heat required by lowering the boiling temperature of the brine.  Multiple-effect vacuum pans substantially increase the amount of water than can be evaporated by each pound of steam, hence improving the efficiency of the process.  The brine enters four enclosed monel vacuum pans, each as tall as a six-story building and 15 feet in diameter.

Yes.  Whether it’s a 26 ounce paper round can, a 20lbs bag in paper or plastic, or a super sac weighing 3,170lbs, each US Salt package is carefully designed to protect your investment.